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Default Re: Are banana seats comfortable?

Originally Posted by atombikes View Post
Hate to zombie-fy this thread and bring it back from the dead, but I am planning my build and pondering seats. The banana seat has me intrigued; I am thinking I need a shorter banana by my measurements.

The one in this quoted post (I understand bike is long gone); do you remember where the seat came from? It looks pretty short. I think shorter banana seats are called "polo seats"?

Also, that layback seat post; is it one of the solid ones that a member here builds and sells?
The bike is sold but it's just down the street from me. I went down and measuerd it. 19" end to end. I ordered it through a local bike shop owned by a neighbor. It was in one of his catalogs and came with a 36" tall sissy bar which I used on a chopper build. The rear supports are 1/2" EMT (electrical conduit) And you're correct; it was listed as a 'Polo' style banana seat.

The seat post is 1" solid round stock turned down to 7/8" on the end to fit most standard saddles. I used to make them but since I retired I no longer have access to a lathe.


EDIT: I found some info. The brand was Sunlite, distributed by J&B Importers. The part number is 4937, Black Polo Saddle. It was purchased about two years ago.
Hope that helps.

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