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Default Howdy folks! Glad to finally be amongst ya.

Just bought this form a guy working for my neighbor Image of mobike - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting not bad for $15. He wanted $20
My front rim and tire. I changed out the seat.
$6 at the hardware store. 20 minutes in the shop. (carb was full of water) and she started right up.
Squirted some gas in the plug hole, used a drill on the magneto and rode around the block a few times!
I have to get a muffler, shorten the clutch cable to get to some good wire and buy that brass stopper thing at the end.(joint?) Chain idler and She'll be ready to stalk the streets.
Been wanting a mobike for some while. Was gonna buy one of those fold up 33cc things from ATV,Dirt Bikes,Mopeds,Mini Bikes,Electric Bikes,Motorized Bicycles,Bicycle Motors But never got round to it.
I have an old Automini folder my other neighbor gave me and a 33cc chainsaw, I think I'll make my own.
Well I'm sure this will be a hobby I'll surely enjoy. Have to get some friends to buy, make some bikes to tool around with.
Peace- E

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