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Default Re: newbie from pottstown,pa

Originally Posted by mister406 View Post
Hey Dan, Thanks for the reply.I was looking at the pics you posted and I noticed your motor seems to ride kinda high.I used a piece of 1/8 plate for my mount ,useing a 3 & 1/2 horse briggs for measurements. My mounting plate is all the way down to the chainguard,leaving me with 11 & 1//2 inches for the motor height before it hits the bottom of the top bars.Is there that much differance in the height of these 2 motors. I want to use the plate because I am going to incorporate the brackets for the jackshaft into it.I like the look of the motor sitting low and It seems to me that it would have a bettet center of gravity sitting as low as possible. Does this make any scense to you?
Yes, sure does. The engine is a Greyhound/HF 79cc and is mounted about as low as possible. The cylinder head on the pred and greyhounds sweep back and are not vertical. Kinda squat and long appearing.
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