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Default Re: Reducing Vibrations at High Speeds.

I cut up an old bicycle tire tube and wrapped it around both points where the motor mounts go I actually super glued the rubber pieces to the frame tubes so I could avoid over lapping the rubber and I didn't want the bulk of electrical tape I did this on my second build an it has considerable less vibration than the first build , I also wrapped rubber tube around the bar before installing my gas tank keeps it from moving around and cuts down on a lot of vibration we get from there as well .

I have this awesome front suspension fork set up. "R/S or Rockshox as it's called" However it doesn't fit my bike so I just look at it and wish . However if I get that mig welder & plasma cutter I want for Christmas.... hmmmm "YEA RIGHT" ..

P.S. I saw someone say they used a screw driver to keep the clutch handle in while idling I just cut a chunk of Tire tube and fit it over the left hand bar grip roll it over the clutch handle as its pulled in works great for me & I don't have to worry about it vibrating out like one would a screw driver. gezzz I guess I use old rubber bike tubes for almost everything....They do make good thick bungee cords as well . I even put small chunks on the bottom of my desk top PC to cut down the vibration on this bad boy! I also used tube chunks on the bottom of the wife's Keurig coffee machine that thing would sound like the space shuttle taking off at 5 am

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