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Default Re: Brand new engine LOCKED UP

Originally Posted by mechaniczman View Post
Thanks, ill keep that in mind, btw bgf is going to be sending me a new engine, once I send the old one back. Hopefully this one will last longer than a day, hopefully get a few 1000 miles out of it, I want to grease everything inside of the engine before I crank it up, i have done some reasearch on it but It wasnt very clear and im not too familiar with these engines.

could someone tell me the best way to grease up the most valuable internal bearings of the engine?
The biggest problem with their engines is with the crankshafts. They're all out of true, and out of balance. All 4 of mine were terrible. 2 motors lasted about 600 miles, and one 1000. The fourth motor I took apart out of the box for inspection. The crank was so bad I never bothered to put it back together.

Good luck with you new one.
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