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Default Re: Brand new engine LOCKED UP

You can grease up the transmission bearings by removing the clutch cable perch from atop of the transmission shaft housing and forcing grease inside the housing cavity. If you get too much in there it will come oozing out both ends, around the shaft bearings.

The quickest way to ruin the crankshaft bearings is to get any grease in or on them what so ever. The bearings are lubricated by the pre-mix oil that you mix with the gas to create the fuel.
Common axle grease does not mix or dissolve with oil. It actually will stay stuck in the bearings and prevent the fresh cooling and lubricating oil from getting to the critical parts of the bearings, thusly ruining them.
This is why there are products marketed for engine assembly called assembly lube. It is like a grease only it does mix and dissolve with oil. If you can somehow get assembly lube in to the bearings without tearing down the engine, it might help out for the first few seconds during the engine's very first start. After that it's job is done and the pre-mix oil comes into play.
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