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Default Re: Brand new engine LOCKED UP

Yah I went out to the shed and figured i would have a little fun with this bicycle engine, I tore it down cylinder and all and i put all my force onto the back tire while trying to roll the bike and the crankshaft would not move, I put it all back together and after a few mins of jamming the back wheel back and forth I got the engine freed up. (I was determined to get one last ride out of this engine before boygofast HOPEfuly sends me my new replacement)

I got it to start and it would go but it would lock back up after about 30 seconds, I eventually freed it up so many times that it would start right up and I rode if for probly an hour but my god it was knocking and vbrating so bad it sounded like I left the 10mm socket on top of the piston when I put the head back on.

I GAVE THAT BRAND NEW ENGINE HECK!!!!! it only had maybe 15 mins of run time on it before it locked up the first time! I was taking it off road, pulling in the clutch and revving it to the max just trying to throw a rod, eventually it died and wouldnt restart ill go out there later once it cools down it might start up again
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