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Default Re: Mixing oil and grease

Originally Posted by littletinman View Post
I'm mainly talking about the clutch bearing area.
I use an electric grease gun. If you take the clutch actuator rod and bearing out of the sprocket and compress some grease into it, it gets through the bearings for sure. After taking off the clutch one time, I noticed the entire back half was caked with grease that leaked through the bearings. It's also possible to unscrew the clutch cable holder above the shaft and put grease in through there.

As for the little tiny bearings that the clutch gear rotates on, the ones where you can actually see the balls in the races, I used to use oil but it would fling out eventually. If you take the clutch off, there are holes on the back of it that you can push grease through to fill up the races.

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