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Default been working on this thing for 3 weeks bout to give up chain and sprocket issue

So i might be a dumbass but i havent gotten the motor running yet and i've run into some problems already. I finally got the chain tool to put the chain onto the wheel sprocket and the engine sprocket next to the clutch. So I hopped on my ride and tried to pedal, the rear bicycle wheel moves only like a half cm when i pedal. So I stomped and jumped on the pedals and literally put all my weight on the pedals, then the rear wheel moved like an inch. so i took the chain off and used a socket & ratchet wrench to try to move the chain sprocket in the engine without the chain, it was hella hard to move the sprocket and took a lot of upper body strength... it was the same way when i fed the chain through. It's a two stroke raw gas engine. I'm assume that theres something wrong with the engine sprocket? If you can help me that would be awesome of you.

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