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Default Re: Gas to oil ratio

Originally Posted by usindian View Post
What's the best oil to use synthetic or regular?
You want your motor to 'break in' properly which means a little wear so everything seats and meshes well inside the engine. Non-synthetic 2-stroke oil is best for that, I use whatever cheap non-synthetic stuff I find at the auto parts store or Ace hardware.

After break-in go synthetic from then on.
As for brand I have no preference other than cost.
Amsoil (Amway) and others have 50:1 and 100:1 2-stroke oils, I have tried a both but always low-balled the mix. For example if it says 100:1 I'll mix it 80:1, for 50:1 maybe 40:1. If you can the same friction reduction with less oil then that means more gasoline so a very slight performance advantage but not enough for me to justify the higher price.

Many places carry little 4oz bottles for 32:1 for a gallon of gas but you pay out the butt having it in a per-measured container. Whatever you buy, buy it by the quart and save some money ;-}
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