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Default Re: Ashless VS Low ash oils in HT engines

Thanks for the tip

I am currently using a mix of Motul 800 70% and Castrol r30 Castor racing oil. I tested the oil mix together for a reaction but it was fine and mixed with fuel also fine and with no separation after a week. The Castor definitely Keeps the engine cool and the power is high and consistent even after a long ride on a hot day. The build up on the cylinder head is annoying tho I am chipping it off every couple of weeks!! Luckily this residue only seems to build up where there is fire.

I am soon going to try a product called bi-Tron XL2 which is a 2-stroke specific additive and claims to be 100% petroleum oil based which has been treated to make the oil molecules polar so they stick to and penetrate metal. Sound to me like the ultimate solution and maybe a little too good to be true. The YouTube friction test clips sold me everyone should check it out.

Will report on Bi-tron soon but it might make Castor obsolete
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