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Default Installed my first engine kit

Hi everybody! I recently installed an 80cc engine kit on a cheap, single speed 26" road bike with 24" MTB tires. Although it didn't come with a pull start, I got one of those for it and outside of the carb flooding periodically, that pull start has made me tear it apart 10 times already! First it was the metal doohickey that mounts on the magneto magnet. I ground down the screws and that fixed that. Then it was the cord. It broke and while carefully removing the pulley, it went BOING! so I got my first lesson in learning how to rewind the spring. Good thing because after 3 pull cords, I replaced it with one out of an old weed whacker! Yeah, I know there are some who feel that pedalling to start is the way to go, but I must be just lazy...LOL! Anyways, one reason the cord goes is because the plastic guide for it won't stay put and all it takes is a few pulls and it breaks. I fixed that with another part off a weed whacker and since then I've had no problems. As far as the carb goes, I've had my share of problems with that too. Once the throttle plunger thing locked itself in the carb like the alluminum shrunk or something. I got it out and ground some meat off it and cleaned it up good and haven't had a problem with that anymore, but now the fuel started to spit out the hole by the air intake. I'm guessing there's crap in the float bowl because I have yet to put a cheap fuel filter on it.
I tell you what though, that riding that thing is a blast and I bet it does better than 45 mph! Where I live I can ride it anywhere and have. The problem is that it seems I have had to fix it more than I have had in riding time.
I'm hooked on the thing and would like to build a better one or just get the bugs worked out of this one and put it on a better bike, but they are deffinately cool!
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