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Default I'm new and have so many questions! (Colorado)

Hey guys, I'm Steve. I hope you can help me get a bike and get riding!

I'm brand new, but I'm extremely interested. Just saw a motirized bike for the first time a couple days ago and am wanting to put one together myself. My problem is that the more research and digging I do, the more confusion I find! I've looked through these boards quite a bit and am ready to get some personalized help if you guys wouldn't mind.

So, first of all, here's what I'm looking to build. I went out and got a Cranbrook Cruiser at Walmart. From what I've gathered, I beleive I'm looking for a 49cc 2-stroke motor kit. I'm trying to keep the cost of the kit between $150 and $200 if possible. I see people saying you want something brand name and I see other people saying to get the lowest price with shipping since they are all kind of the same.

My next concern is the legal aspect. I'm in Colorado and am planning on riding in Aurora and the Denver Metro Area. Looking at the DMV site, I don't see any clear rulings on a bicycle with a motor on it. I looked at a lot of threads on this forum and found many different views and situations. Do i need to get it registered for the 5 to 6 bucks and put a sticker on there, or will I be fine riding it under bicycle rulings? What I'd really love is some insight from somebody with experience riding in the area.

Again I'm completely new so I would greatly appreciate any advice or information you guys could give me. Thanks guys!

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