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Default Re: clutch wont disengage.

Here's another example of what happens when people start messing with the flower nut and clutch when they don't understand how the clutch works. I've preached this over and over again. DO NOT SCREW AROUND with the flower nut unless you know what you're doing or can follow the advice from those who do.
99% of the time the problem is either the clutch cable is not adjusted correctly or the clutch pads are stuck. People who suggest to newbies to start messing with the flower nut are doing a disservice and not helping anyone.

To the OP of this thread. My first question is are you using the right terminology?
DISENGAGED, means the engine is NOT mechanically connected to the rear wheel.

ENGAGED means it is connected and you can't disconnect it by squeezing the handlebar lever.
Which condition are you experiencing?

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