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Angry A rookie saying hello from San Diego, needing help with repairs!

First of all let me say how thankful I am for this forum. I have already gotten some great advice from some of the threads I have read. I recently bought a motor bike from a guy who does it for a living. The bike worked awesome for about the first two weeks...Then things started to fall apart (literally). From my front brake flying off while going down hill, to both my tires popping which led to a bent frame, I feel like I was sold a lemon. I called the guy to ask for advice and help, and he said that I should have made sure to keep the bolts tight. While I realize that there are strong vibrations and force during motor bike rides, I could not imagine it taking only two weeks for this to happen. I had been checking my bolts, but maybe I should have been more diligent with it.

Anyways I am asking for help. Does anyone know of a motor bike repair shop or guy/gal who can help me with repairs in San Diego? I need to repair the rear wheel and am not sure I can put it back together properly. I have looked at the threads but much of it does not make sense to me. Any help would be great and generous, and I look forward to hearing from the community.
Thanks all,

The Dude Ryan

Ps. I realize I am a newbie and not very handy :/
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