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Default Re: How to start GRUBEE GT5 Motorized Bike

ok. the thing that sticks out of the top is the spark plug. the black plug wire snaps on to that and then goes into the cdi.

the black cap needs to fit tight onto the plug. spark plugs usually have a silver nipple on top when you buy them. on the engine kits, those are usually removed already and there's a little threaded rod sticking up.

the plug wire has the black plastic boot on the end, and inside is a brass fitting with a little wire clip. you push that down onto the plug and it snaps on. it'll wiggle around a bit, but it has to br snapped on there and not just flop off.

assuming all that is good...

unscrew the spark plug out of the head (top of motor.) make sure it's not covered in oil. if it is, you need to clean all that off till the plug is dry. carb cleaner, gasoline, or alcohol will work. an "oil fouled" plug won't make a spark.

if it is fouled, that could be your problem. you're probably running too much oil in the gas. directions say 16:1, but 24:1 is better.

if the plug is dry, snap it into the boot and stick the tip next to something metal and push the bike without squeezing the clutch lever so the engine will move.

you should see a spark coming off the tip. probably don't want to hold onto the plug while you're doing this. if it sparks, it'll kill you.

just kidding.

but it's enough of a shock to freak you out and yell at stuff.

if you do have spark, put it all back together and try to pedal start it some more.
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