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Default clutch wont disengage.

so ive read alot of forums, followed everyones tips on helping other people then hearing they got it started ..... not me. ive been tinkering with it 2 weeks now.... problem.
wont kick on.
hat ive done.....
clutch losened, took plate off cleard acces **** off clutch pads. put everything back on. flower nut allthe way down 1 notch back. and thats with the clutch released on the handle bars..... hmmmm. i dont seem to be getting spark. i am running 16;1. gunna change that asap. clutch cable is super tight while locked..... is that right? lock clutch then tighten wire or open clutch? all in all no experience with these other than mowing lawns and that was ages ago. please help. ill take and post pics of my adjustments. and what i have. any tips will help. never been used. got her off bike berry. PLEASE
when i let let off the clutch while riding nothing happens.
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