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Default Re: WHICH 80cc motor is the BEST

They are not all made at the same factory, but they are all made in much the same way - by underpaid workers in China at factories where quality control policies either dont exist or are not enforced. You can buy any kit from any vendor, and it can be a great engine that lasts a long time, or it can be a piece of junk. Some factories manufacture the exact same engines and label them as different brands. There is no such thing as a "best" kit when it comes to these engines. Maybe less crappy? Lol. Your best bet is to either buy from a vendor with good customer service, or buy from ebay where you can get your money back if dissatisfied. Bought my last engine on ebay, and Im happy with it. Bought it from BGF over a year ago, still runnin like a champ today.
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