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Default Re: 2-stroke vs 4-stroke

Originally Posted by young grease monkey View Post
if we are talking about kits 2 strokes vs kit 50cc 4 strokes, 4 strokes have about the same power, are bigger and more expensive, but much more reliable. the 2 strokes look better, too. i am still building my 99cc predator. the disadvantages are size, weight and price for the drive train, to be expected because it's not a kit. they are cheap to replace, only $100. tons of power and reliability. i have a 2 stroke 125 dirt bike and love it, i like the sound and power. super light, too. the only good 2 stroke for motor bikes is the morrini and similar engines that cost more than $400. i've never rode one but i like manual clutches so i will never buy one. i am thinking of using a 65cc dirt bike engine for my next build, they are super light 5 speed manual 14hp screamers. i will buy a bike and part it out, possibly getting the engine for free plus my labor. i calculated it will have a better power/weight ratio than a kawasaki ninja 250.

bottom line, it's personal preference. what kind of performance do you want? what is your budget? what skills do you have?
what bike engine are thinking thats that powerful and small? im looking into new engine options
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