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Default Re: How to start GRUBEE GT5 Motorized Bike

basic start up goes like this;

turn the fuel petcock to on.

push the little primer button on the carb a couple times.

lift the choke lever on the carb up.

pull in the cluch lever, and pedal to a decent speed.

let go of the lever, twist the thottle and keep pedaling.

hopefully the bike starts. if not, try a few times before giving up.

if the bike starts, ride it a block or so, then carefully reach down and push the choke lever down.

when you pull in the clutch lever again, the bike should coast with the throttle off.

if it idles high, or stalls, adjust the little screw on the carb. in to raise the idle, out to decrease it.

when you come to a stop, pull in the clutch lever. bike should idle.

when starting again, you have to pedal 10 feet or so. the motor doesn't have enough torque to pull you off the line smoothly, so you need to help it.

last step. don't fall off of it...
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