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Default Re: Best suspension seat post anybody?

I've tried Thudbuster for MB. It's movement is different. It moves back a bit as it goes down to absorb the bumps. They sent me with the adjustment screw stuck, so they sent me a replacement screw. The motorized bicycle got stolen, so on my 2nd build I used the Sumo XC. Seems to be more durable and less maintenance. I've heard that since there are more moving parts on the Thudbuster, you might have to replace the bushings from time to time, and it would require you to put a cover, which is sometimes sold separately.

I'm using the Sumo XC since it's cheaper and less parts to replace, and if ever the parts needs replacement, it's easier to reassemble.

Actually, since I don't think there is a frame with rear suspension that has rear disc brakes, and can fit the HT, or even if there is, I would not have access to it. So a suspension seat post is my best option for now.
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