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Default Re: Too many problems

Doubtful a bicycle shop will work on it that extensively, most bicycle shops wont even TOUCH a motorized bicycle of any sort, because their insurance SPECIFICALLY prohibits it. Some will do a little work, but not as much as you need done. I have visited a few shops before learning how to do everything that needs done to my bike myself. One shop wouldnt touch it except to help me change a tire outside of his shop, wouldnt let me bring the bike inside. another swapped out my bottom bracket, but flat out told me he wouldnt do any other work on it. Mine was a one piece bottom bracket. I have learned to do everything myself since then, including servicing my bottom bracket and anything else you can imagine needing done to a beach cruiser. as I understand it, the instructions for installing these shift kits (from what I have heard, not personal experience) are about as detailed as they come. I think you can do it if you have a little confidence in yourself. I am not trying to be smart, but sbp even warns you before you buy the shift kit that it takes advanced mechanical skills to install, so why did you buy it if you didnt think you could install it yourself?
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