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Default Re: The Aussie Vetran

Originally Posted by RLorange View Post
Hello Everybody!

I am a motorised bicycle enthusiast from Australia. So Good to see such a good forum open up for these awesome little engines.

I have had three engines over the last 6 years! The first one a 48cc I had sent from the US via China, it cost as much in postage as the engine kit. Since then Warren from has been importing these engines and supplying them at a very reasonable wholesale price.

I have years of experience with these engines and hope to contribute to this growing body of knowledge and wisdom.

Happy motoring to all
Hey there RL... The name's Marty. This quite frankly has nothing to do with motorized bicycles... hahaha... My fiance and I are taking a serious consideration in moving to Australia (NSW specifically) in a few years... After I complete my commercial flight training. If I may, I'd like to leave you my e-mail sometime and talk about how life goes on your side of the world. Thanks much for your time. Happy motoring to you as well. -Marty-
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