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Default Re: Hello from Michigan

Originally Posted by Harold_B View Post
A West Sider and fairly new member myself here. Hello to you too! There are quite a few of us mitten dwellers on the forum and you can find some of us on the member map:
I sit at a computer for most of my day and although I really enjoy my job I need a brain dump or pressure release and stepping into the garage to tinker with my bike or just surfing for the next idea gets me out of my head for a while. Dirty finger nails are good therapy. Also started reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" which was a gift from my wife. She sees the value in my hobby as well despite the time and money commitment.
Hey, (to both of you!), gentlemen!; Funny thing, reading this... I read that book, a few years ago (2004, I think) while I lived in Lansing, MI... where, by chance, I also first got into this... I bought a pallet of engines, (was so hard to sell them all! I guess that "business venture" wasn't for me) but I left MI for Puerto Rico, and here I am still! Found this site, quiet by accident, and lurked for a few months before finally joining. I haven't started my first build, (finances) but do look forward to it, when I can! WELCOME!

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