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Default Hello from Arizona! Planning 2 builds.

I'm going to build two cruiser style motorized bikes. One for me and one for my wife.

I'm looking for a setup that will pull my fat ass uphill at a decent clip 20 mph ish? Without too much strain on the engine.
I'm 6' & 280lbs. i don't want to get crazy with performance mods. Just enough to get us where we wanna go at a decent clip.
Our entire town is on a hill.

I'm thinking that a 66cc engine with a jackshaft shifter kit, expansion chamber and better carb should work for me?

Do you think this will work?

Also since I'm building two I was thinking I might be able to work a deal with a seller?

I'd like

1- 66cc engine kit
1- 49cc engine kit
2- jackshaft kits
2- expansion chambers
2- upgraded carbs
2- upgraded cdi's
2- upgraded hardware and bearing sets (for each engine)
2- dual pull brake levers

Since I'm building with shifter kits I don't need the spoke sprockets or long chain so this may save be some cash.

Did I leave anything out?

Also any recommendations on cheap beach cruisers models that will handle all this without too much trouble?

I'm building these for fun. I thought it would be good time for us just to cruise around, visit friends and quick trips
to the store.

I'd love to hear any advice or suggestion you may have.



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