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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
You had to work the lihgt like a horn button to see at night? I would have just twisted two wires together perhaps while looking for a switch I liked.
Cant run the light without a switch. It runs off the white wire and has a built in voltage regulator. It bleeds the extra voltage to ground, and the bike wont start with the light on. The momentary switch wasnt a big deal, I didnt even take any night rides the entire time I had the momentary switch wired in, and if I would have needed to, the switch was right next to my clutch lever on my handlebar, and all I had to do was rest my thumb on it to turn the light on. It was actually an indexed switch out of a battery operated headlight, which had steady, flashing, and off. When it was in the battery operated light, it would click when I pushed it, so I thought it would stay on when I wired it to my headlight. The original switch I had wired to the headlight was a 3 pole toggle switch, but it was made of cheap plastic, and I broke the housing by hose clamping it to my handlebars. The push-button switch is out of a $1 flashlight, and works superbly. I positioned it in the same place as the momentary switch, right next to my clutch lever, and zip-tied it onto my handlebars. I tested it and know it works well. On is on, and off is off. No holding the switch in. I hardly ever ride at night, I just like to have adequate lighting in the event that I would need to go somewhere at night, and my lighting system is plenty adequate. Tail light, brake light, side warning lights, and a custom headlight from Wonderful Creations (a store on ebay that makes really good lighting accessories for us guys who use the cheap china kits). I am visible from all sides.
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