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Default Hello from St. Louis, MO

Hi everyone,

I have been glued to this forum for weeks now after my neighbor built a motor bicycle and let me take it for a spin. The smile on my face after riding said it all... I must have one.

Just ordered the bike and motor today and I'm as excited as a kid at christmas. I ordered a Nirve b-1 and a flying horse motor. I have a tendency to overdue things, and was ready to go full board with a worksman and every bell and whistle, but self restraint has won out (for now) There's always room for upgrades.

I am looking for information on rear tanks. I have seen several builds which have a flat rack tank which is exactly the look I'm going for, however search results are lacking on equipment. has one that I'm very interested in although I don't want to pull the trigger just yet. Anyone with some insight into rear flat rack tanks, please feel free to give me any pros and cons on that particular set up.

Looking forward to posting a build thread SOON (not soon enough).

Thanks everyone for being so open with your trials and tribulations on all things motor bicycles. The knowledge in this forum is awesome!

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