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Originally Posted by Joseph Lowe View Post
I also have the 2 stroke kit made it china. This is my first motor bike. I bought it as is. I got to tell ya, my experience so far...These things are a money pit. I have trouble keeping wheels together. I bought mine used, so I'm replacing parts as I go! Thinking about starting with a new bike for the motor kit. any suggestion? This is my main mode of transportation. I am a good mechanic, no issues there, but so far, my bike has been alot of work. EVERYTIME I ride the thing!
Oftentimes you are better off starting with a good, solid frame and building out from there.

Choose wisely.

Low budget new bikes, China Mart brand or not, come with wheels, tires, brakes, chains, ect. that are marginally suited for the speeds and stresses that a pedal bicycle puts them through. Now compare that with what an motorized bicycle conversion puts them through.
Don't buy new that is not up to the task.

If your current frame is up to the task, spend your money on upgrading the wheels, tires and brakes first.
Remember, quality is not cheap and cheap is not quality.
After the bike is safe and reliable then go for comfort items such as handlebars and a seat, unless your budget will let you do it all at the same time.
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