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Default Re: Break in secrets

Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
We finally agree on something. I can't imagine what could happen to your crank and wrist pin bearing damage. I can kinda see it being used in a 4 stroker but not a HT motor.
Your right......I imagine it would be torturous on the bearings and from all the troubles I have seen over the years with cheap china bearings....they sure don't need any help wearing out prematurely!LOL

Thanks for diggin my plane. Truth be told...I have had a few spectacular crashes where the ground jumped up and grabbed my plane or I pulled when I should have pushed while being inverted. Thats never good when 2 feet off the ground. The brushless planes are kinda like the electric bikes today. I would have to put a baseball card in the spoke or something that makes some racket. I just love the sound of 2 stroke engines...especially when you get it to hit that sweet spot. Just puts a smile across my face while racing down the road at a blistering 30mph.
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