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Default Re: Break in secrets

Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
On your next motor break in let me know how the bonami works. .
I sure wasn't suggesting anyone use it or attempt it. I was just saying when I read the bit about using wd-40 to seat the rings that it reminded me of other ring seating tricks I have read in the past. Didn't mean to imply that your method of using wd-40 is wrong even though I probably wouldn't do that either, but like I say it works good for you, so please share your experience with it and let the readers decide.
If someone wants to use bonami...I say go for that as well, but I sure wouldn't. Something about putting grit in the cylinder just seems wrong although I have used baking soda before when honing out one of my John Deeres Kohler K-181 engines doing a rebuild, but they get wiped clean with Marvel oil when done.
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