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Default Re: Break in secrets

Wayne is correct..I was talking about my experience mixing fuels for some of my racing planes. Here is a video where I am experimenting with a batch of fuel. Lots of trial and error. I used an old O.S 40 for a test engine before using it the much more expensive Jett 50.
I only relate this to motorized bikes because it has envolved trial and error as well and I may decide to change my mix in my China Girl 66 if I think I may not have it right. I am never too big headed to think I am always right and am always more then happy to listen to good advice and form different formulas if I think it is needed.

I have never tore one of my China Girl's down, but I have read that the rings are pretty poor material. I wonder if someone has ever contactd Frank Bowman and had him make a set of rings for a China Girl engine? Frank can make a ring for absolutely anything if you send him a piston and all his rings are lapping piston rings which eliminates the ring gap and can really up the power on a 2 cycle engine.
A guy might need that bonami to get those to seat!LOL
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