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Default Re: Break in secrets

Who is pissing..I am just offering up a bit of opinion and a few things I have seen and done. Please don't take any offense because I really wasn't trying to offend...just offering up some 2 cents from someone who has way too many hobbies that all involve 2 stroke engines.... except for my mandolin playing. Hard to find many pissing matches in the mandolin forums!LOL
Yes..I have way too many hobbies and too many that envolve engine tinkering. Here is a vid of me tinkering with one of my many converted weed wacker engines if you are interested.
I was only stating that because I am a bit of a tinkerer and they seem to be about the closest thing to these china engines where the tolerences are not all that fantastic. The weedeater engines are a bit on sloppy side as well in construction. At least the Ryobi 28's and 31's are. As far as my 2 Motorized bikes I have had....I can only say that waht I have done thus far has worked out well, but we all know what the farmer said when his mule died "Well..he never did that before." So really just trying to enjoy the forum and when WD-40 was mentioned for just got me to thinking about all the different things I have read on all the various engine forums I have visited for my various hobbies over the years. The main thing I have learned over the years is that NO TWO PEOPLE DO THE SAME THING EXACTLY THE SAME. Everybody has there own methods and I say if it works....then go for it. Peace brother.
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