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Default Re: Break in secrets

Originally Posted by ckangaroo70 View Post
my hobby of building and converting 2 stroke trimmer engines into model aircraft engines for several years.
First you write this and now you're racing high quality airplanes? No offense but there's a difference between the weight of a 200lb person on a bicycle compared to a 3 lb prop to put a load on a motor. I see other things I can rant about your post but I really don't need to turn this into a pissing match. This is about break ins. I agree with Scotto and run the crap out of your motor from day one. Realistically, most people including myself don't have the patience to ride slow for the first couple of tank fulls. Especially for a motor that cost under $200.
Also to be honest, I don't know what Bon ami is but I do know what Ajax is.
When you said some success by some and failures by others...then to me that means it doesn't work there for is a myth.
With that said: WD40 FTW!
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