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Default Re: modular bike design

Yeah i was telling my dad that it was too bad i didnt live closer to some one like you. I had a really nice machine shop at my friends , but he moved and i moved back to sacramento and just go my own shop cause my dad got a promotion at work so he is building his shop in the garage and i get the work shed we built a few years back. it stays cool in there even when its 108 outside and has ac if i need. the only thing is finding 2 and 1 inch tubing. i need 300$ or so to get the remainder of the tools but i could manage without some. but i know i definitely need a pipe bender. How have you been CCC ?

here is some new images i revised the frame and the lines all over are the dimensions so i can make a jig for building the first frame also a top view. took a bunch of work , the seat is 6 inches wide im not sure if making it thinner would do much , its similar to the motoped dirtbike thing
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