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Default I've been away from this for awhile, but now I'm back and want to build a bike

Hey guys!

I've been away from this for awhile, I left the hobby in around 2008 due to the demands of college and all that. For awhile I got into building electric bicycles, but now I'm back to stinky old fossil fuels.

My first motorized bike was built on the only real option at the time (sans friction drives and all that, but I'm too vain and like the look of a motor in a frame), the much beloved happy time kit. It was fun, until the little motor sheared the tubing of the bike it was slaved to in half. We mounted it using sheets of firm rubber, I was surprised to see how much power those little motors had. But I also remember mine being stinky, loud, unreliable, and leaky.

Now I'm looking into the current batch of 4 stroke alternatives. I've been spending the past few days doing my research and I'm still fairly torn. I could go with the 49cc kit that's fairly common (I realize to avoid the one with the hoot gearbox, those were around right as I was leaving the hobby and it's apparent they're still junk), or I could check out the hype surrounding these Harbor Freight motors.

I went to Harbor Freight in Oceanside, CA today to scope out the motors. As I suspected, nothing smaller than the 212cc that people somehow shoehorn into bikes. I've seen that HF is in the process of removing their 99cc motors and replacing them with the latest 79cc, any idea if that motor will be available in California? If I have to jump through hoops to get it, I'll just stick with the currently available kit.

Regarding the base for this project, I still have memories of the sinking feeling when I realized that my bike was falling apart as I was riding down a hill. So I want something pretty beefy. I'm broke, so worksman is out of the picture for now. I've been scouring craigslist and the lower end cruiser re-sellers looking for a frame that grabs me. I'm strongly considering the Shire Adwa from Copacabana Bikes. It'll need upgraded brakes, but it's on sale for a steal.

Any reason not to jump on this bike for $120? From what little I've found they seem pretty solid. Anybody seen one of these before?

Well, that's it for now, just needed to get all of that out of my head. I appreciate all your help guys! I look forward to building a fast, fun, and vintage inspired bike.
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