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Default Re: Break in secrets

Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
Putting an abrasive in your cylinder is ignorant and isn't an old trick to
seat your rings but a myth. Kind of like adding sugar to your gas so your motor can run sweet.
It's great if you have the time to slowly break in your motors but if your like me and only use your motor for racing. Then wd40 is the quickest way.
Can I ask why would you run a 75:1 ratio on a motor that actually has a load on it? I can understand doing it on an airplane motor because it doesn't have a load on it. Lubrication is the most important aspect for prolonging the life of a two stroke moter. Why would you want to deprive a motor of oil? Isn't that like running your car a few quarts low of oil?
opti2 is a new 2 stroke oil that "supposedly" can be thinned out to 100:1 but i dont by it im going to buy some and see how it does at 40:1 maybe 50:1
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