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Default Re: Break in secrets

Bon Ami, Baking Soda, Ajax, etc. etc. There have been alot of tricks over the years to try to get rings to seat. Most of those tricks came when rebuilders started using hardened chrome rings in place of the old steel rings. They would blow a bit into the intake and then hope for the best. Of course I would NEVER do any of these on a China 2stroke that DOES NOT have hardened chrome rings and still wouldn't do it if they did. Just find it interesteing when someone mentioned WD-40..reminds me of all the tricks I have read or seen over the years regarding best ways to quickly seat rings.

My prefered way is patience and time and a dino oil break-in mix of 32:1. I like to try to keep the engine under a gentle load by looking for gentle inclines to ride up and down. Do this for 20-30 minutes to get the engine good and warm and then shut it off for at least 10 minutes before taking another cruise. I also like to throw in a few full throttle burst, but only for a few seconds at a time. Ride like this for a couple gallon and then I switched to Opti-2 mixed to around 75:1. Most of my engine experience relates to my hobby of building and converting 2 stroke trimmer engines into model aircraft engines for several years. So that experience does not mean that it directly applies to the HT 2 stroke engine, but both HT 66 2 stroke engines I have had both run fantastic and exceeded my expectations once broken in using the same similar methods I use on my other 2 strokes which is basiclty trying to keep the engine under a gentle load and to heat cycle.
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