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Default Too many problems

So after deciding today to get stuck back into the bike project as my others are finished, i find that i have hit yet another brick wall (or several for that matter) My shift kit bracket doesnt fit my motor and my throttle body doesnt fit into the frame with the motor. I dremelled out the front motor mount again today and made it fit nicely to the frame (still yet to figure out how to stick it to the frame short of welding it though) and while it isnt a big problem, its still the hassle of finding someone to make me a custom hose/pipe then mounting the throttle body just outside the frame on an angle so it fits.
The first problem however is the biggest, and short of scrapping the bracket and making a custom one that will fit im f**ked for ideas.
Definitely over this project already, and while it is highly desirable to do this myself to learn etc i just want it over and done with, so again im wanting someone to put everything together for a nice paycheck-like reward (or are there actual places that will do this in brisbane for me?) Dont want help doing this just want to pay someone and get it over with, my motication for this has completely gone
I have already spent just under 1k on this so far and i havent done anything to progress is short of wrapping the exhaust and fitting the iridium spark plug - driving me insane!
So if anyone is interested feel free to contact me or post any ideas/places that will fix these issues for me - Cheers!
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