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Default Re: Hello from Michigan

Originally Posted by Harold_B View Post
Scooters that go 40 or motorized bicycles that go that fast or faster are what I'm referring to when I mention getting away with whatever. There are threads on the forum with links to eBay where decals are being sold that say "49cc". Why would a person need or want that on their bike? I was just looking at a sweet low rider build with a 110cc engine sporting a 49cc engraved plate. I think the stated speed was 60+mph. Great looking bike, quality effort, totally breaking the law. Do I care? Nope. I'm just saying the facts as I have had them explained to me by people who are supposed to know. CL is loaded with 66cc bikes, no lights, no front brakes, and the builders are saying they are legal and you don't need a license to ride (in MI). I'm not going to email them or flag the post but I believe they are wrong. Buyer beware.

Again, I don't want this thread to take a negative turn in any way. MI has its faults but I love it here. It would be great to have ride up M22 next year or maybe converge on the Gilmore Car Museum on the Wednesday night cruise. There's a lot of great coastline too. There seems to be a cluster forming in the Detroit area. Maybe something over there like a Tiger game or the Henry Ford Museum? We should try to work something out for 2013. Maybe we can complain about the moped / motorized bicycle laws in person....
im planing almost the same build just with a few tweaks hear and there and maybe build a custom swing arm suspension ether way its a sweet design.
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