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You'll need to make up your own mind on where your comfort level is on interpreting the law in MI. The SoS office in GR guided me through the process and an inspection was required to get an assembled moped VIN. The max speed is 30mph, pretty sure of that. As far as the scooters go, take a look at the back of the bike as they pass. Just because they look like a scooter doesn't mean it won't have a motorcycle tag. I know this can quickly get into a discussion of the police and how they enforce local law, or what you can get away with because nobody really double checks (for example the 50cc, 2hp max). Each rider in MI needs to investigate the no fault insurance laws regarding mopeds / assembled mopeds and weigh the risk of getting stuck without coverage after an accident because the bike doesn't meet code. Personally I think the Moped requirements are too restrictive but that's just me.
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