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Default Hello ,Folks : brand new here, just out of the wrapper...

Hello all:
i was in contact with Mr Lurker, who has been very kind and helpful , and has suggested i join here, so here I am. Its been great seeing what everyone is up to creating , sawing, welding and tuning out there in their sheds , garages, kitchens and maybe even bedrooms (OMG)!!

Its excellent to see people making their own things. Ive had motorcycles from being very young, had allsorts, raced them , crashed them, blown them up. Ive also been involved in Cycling and racing for many years and still racing currently. As ive hinted , once the motorcycle bug got in my blood its been there for ever, and ive tried to move on from it, due to a few bad accidents and the risks of it. However its never really left me alone , ive accepted im stuck with it, so ive decided to embrace it and enjoy it.

Im currently collecting parts and making jigs. Im at the frame and fork design stage, and working my way through that. Im finishing off my hole saw. Im hoping that the frame is the biggest hurdle to get over, ive got a heap of engines to choose from, 5x 18 and 20 HP Vanguards, and a heap of other vintage parts, remote brass fuel filter, copper and brass tubing, some nice old brass grease caps, all sorts of stuff. So im well on my way. So just when i needed some examples of what other people have achieved, i stumbled over Lurkers Vekst V-Twin. Its been great keeping the motivation levels up, thank you Lurker, and thanks to this forum.
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