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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I got my stickers. I'm going to put them on the cargo box on top of my Dax kit.

I made a deal to sell my happytime and all the goods, so I have been compiling leftover bike parts to put on the frame of the beach cruiser, to save the massive coaster wheel set for a 1x1 mountain bike next year, that I hope to eventually equip with a BMP and a 52cc harbor fart motor. I won't be sad because I got the bike I liked best in the first place (friction drive with Japanese engine). My friend is happy because he moved and misses his HT. I am happy because I will have a 20" wheel frankenbike beach/yard bike for fooling around on rainy days, and I can quit paying a storage fee after I clean out my shed of the second motorized bicycle and some garage sale stuff. Yay! something like that! But not as cool. Oh well, it is at least going to get ridden!
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