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Default modular bike design

Any interest in American made modular frames ?
This is my baby, I've been working on the design for about a week. remove the bolts and the entire top assembly comes off ( seat and tank) you can fit a gas tank in or electronics everything is "hot swappable" meaning you can go from gas to electric in under an hour . this is the second version of this design.
it can fit anything from a 50cc Morini to a 125+cc horizontal Lifan it can fit 60 amp hours in ready made packs from electric motor sport or over 110 amp hours from max amps 13.5 ah packs ( pricy at 7,000$) so far this is only a plan. i need the proper tools to make it , so far I have a welder , angle grinder and files. nothing else. I'm saving to get a tubing roller, drill press tube cutters and a better torch so i can braze some parts. the suspension is similar to monark forks but with a custom twist. I'm working on some concept artwork for it to give an idea what it will look like. I want to start making nice frames for whatever power system people want.

pictures to get an idea of how things fit, one is a morini s6 the other is 2*22.2 volt 60 Amp hour packs I havent gotten a lifan cad done up yet and the dimensions of the stick figure person are for my body measurements, im 6 feet tall 145 pounds at my heaviest so a stick figure works for me lol
I wish i still had access to a machine shop so we could actually have good quality engines like the china girls. i can see the design being redone with a kick start and a centrifugal clutch made of billet aluminum they mount in the frame so nicely sadly it would take too much to do something like that.

anyway the frame is just an idea for now , so let me know what you think

EDIT: threw in a comparison to a normal road bike. with 26 inch tires
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