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Default Oi Mates! - Calvin W. Cline Dover, NH

Oi Everyone,

My name is Calvin, I just got into motor bikes which is a very strange and new world from downhill mountain biking. So I am crossing parts and trying new things. I currently have a micargi general that I blew the rear hub out of the tire when the chain locked up and the cog seized. The motor still runs fine but the tire is ruined. I am getting a schwinn panther (2012 model) do to the many limitations the general has and the many advantages the panther has. V brakes, a 1 1/8 stems or my marzocchi drop off dual crown fork, a 9 speed for future Jackshaft kit, and lastly a drink holder. I could use some help however from anyone with experience, previously the motor would just take off after starting and the throttle was useless, another issue is the cog on the rear tire has three metal braces that help with balancing the pressure of the gear in the spokes, only 2 of mine fit leaving not enough room for the third.

If anyone is I'm the area I can be reached at 603-315-1718 and will buy a 30 rack for anyone that wants to come by and lend me a hand.

C. Cline
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