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Default Re: Hello from Michigan

No Dearborn is a ways out there but glad to hear of more members in Michigan. Question what’s an HT? As for what engine I am still in the deciding stage. I kinda know what I want but still trying to make up my mind on how to get there.

Ya I have been looking a lot of nice builds here. I am leaning towards something older looking. Always loved the look of the 1900’s bikes. As for legal still have to get up to speed about the laws here in Michigan, it looks like the laws vary from state to state.

It seems the 66/80cc motors are very popular and one of them is sold here in Michigan. The SD Stinger is sold over in Kalamazoo. I’m looking at that but the only thing I wonder about is will it have power to go up a hill? Don’t want something I will have to pedal up every hill lol. Sounds like your racer will be fast, me I just want to cruse around. “loncin or lifan” is this another type of engine kit?
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