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Default has anybody tried

Now before anyone asks why I don't do it, I no longer have my china bike. But I keep reading about the white wire and lights. Then I read about the light set shoes made and I began to wonder.

I used recharge lead acid batteries in my flash when I was shooting weddings. Mostly because they were the only things I didn't have to change out. All those other batteries couldn't hold enough amps.

So I know you can get a 6 volt sla battery, You can also get 12 volt I know cause I have a couple of each. I recharge mine with a car batter charger. So the question is if you use a 6volt battery to power a light system could you hook the white wire up to charge it without killing the engine. In theory there would be enough juice from the battery going back into the system to prevent death by power drain.

Just a thought someone should give it a try. At least hook a 6vot batter to a running engine to see if it kills it. Then add the lights if it doesn't. It might give you a real electrical system.

Of course then you would have to find 6volt lights.
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