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Default Re: Hello from Michigan

I totally get what you are saying. I own 3 motorcycles and have been running them almost daily here this summer and now into the fall. I work on everything I own including my often broke down truck, fixed that today and drove it into work. Very satisfying.

Thanks for the invite, no longer live in battle creek? I haven’t been out that way in some time.

Harlod B,
No it is not that book, but thank you so much for showing me that one I am ordering it asap! The book I was referring to is Motorized Bicycles By Tom Bartlett. I haven’t got my hands on it yet just ordered it a few days ago. Thanks again for showing me the book!

Thanks for the invite and yes it will, but I will have a great project to keep me warm.

I hear ya, isant it a pain when they don’t work lol. But tinkering is a love of mine.

Vern W,
I am literally up the road from you, in Saline Mi. and looking at the map Harold B posted in post 3 there is another member in Ann Arbor Mi just a stones throw away.

Thank you for the invite and I do have a lot to learn. Bicycles are not the same as motorcycles lol. Similar parts but not the same, I expect I will have some questions soon.

Once again thank you all for the friendly invite, Now to decide what i want to build Hmmmmmm....
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