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Default Hello from Puerto Rico

Hello from Puerto Rico! My name is Mark (or Mac, from my Army days) I'm originally from New Hampshire, but after joining the Army Airborne, I've traveled a bit. Before coming to Puerto Rico, I last lived in Lansing, Michigan, where I joined the Moped Army... I conversed with a few guys, but never got to meet anyone, or do any "Swarm" missions with them.
I had a small scooter, but really liked the old school mopeds best.

I caught the motor bicycling bug when Grubee first started out, spoke with him a bunch of times, and ordered myself a pallet of engines, to sell. I kept two for myself, one was incomplete, the other was about to go on a Stretch Limo frame I built up with Whizzer forks, and Worksman wheels. I never got the engine mounted, but she rode nice, although I was unhappy with the wheel flop; had to be the angle of the head tube... I sold her and the engine kit, as I had to leave for Puerto Rico, due to reasons I won't bore you with... needless to say, here I remain.

I discovered this site about six months ago, and I honestly don't recall if I did this intro thing or not, so here I am! I am so very impressed with the ingenuity and talent of the many amateur builders here; it is both impressive, and inspiring. Although I have currently fallen on hard times, financially, but soon I will (oh, yes I will) be building a stretch cruiser, with big fat wheels, a sturdy, hand built frame (hopefully straight and with style!) and a 4 cycle (maybe automatic, for my first build) Honda clone engine. Many of you builders, (and you know who you are) are so damned good, I will, no doubt, be asking around for help, opinions, and such. I'm a total newbie, and have no problem seeing my limitations... For example; I've never built a frame, and I haven't welded since 1993.. once, before that 1982, in high school shop class!

I've seen many cool bikes, especially from the Europeans; two notables; Amsterdam & the Russia... and many more. I look forward to learning as much as I can, and sharing my progress, as well as my failures (be kind!). I do look forward to meeting, and getting to know ya'll. I've already gotten to know CrazyHorse, a bit... he's good ppl!
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