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Default Re: My new clutch actuator

Originally Posted by filestyle1 View Post
OK Walter you said it begins and ends with the same letter. sprockets is actully pluarl ,when your talking about 1 it would be sprocket! I guess you got me there. what size of sprocket are you going to run? I have 10 tooth on the drive (duh) and I currently run a 36t on the driven. I can go about 36-37 wot! with a tuned pipe!
Jim will make more than one, and there are different kinds of them? I ordered 2 sight unseen (first clue). You have to admit it was kinda fun eh?

To answer your second question, I have to go back to my summer build. "The California Kid". I hated the primitive & ass-backwards way the rear sprocket was mounted, I decided to use a dual disc front hub laced up to the 20" rear wheel. Now the sprocket mounts properly, I have disc brakes on the other side and life is good.
I'm completely rebuilding the "Kid" into a "drag bike" named "Inch Pincher", so I need a big ol' sprocket, I got Andrew to make me one with 63 teeth, it's mounted to a 20" rear wheel. It should be a stump puller, first I gotta hook up rear brakes (I feel this might be important, since I don't run a kill switch)

Now that it's easy to change rear sprockets I plan to have 36,45,54 & 63 tooth sprocketS in my arsenal. I'm also trying to get Jim to make me a 9 & 11tooth output shaft sprocket this would give me more final drive ratios than a hound dog got fleas. Hey File I just looked a Andrews ad and you should too, then tell me what he sells????? Let me get off here I told Motoschwin he could talk about his new clutch actuator, after all that is the name of this thread. And how do you like yours Mr. Filestyle???Happy Hills & Trails Walter F
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