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Default Re: Can't get it running..... need help!!

Sorry. i said that wrong. It isnt having trouble starting. Once it is started i have to help it along a bit before the throttle will work. and it wont idle right away either. like i said about 100 yards or a hill and it gets warmed up and goes no prob. but when its fresh and cold I need to help it a bit. It starts... purrs.... but wont pull (throttle does nothing) for about a hundred yards of hard pedalling. then it slowly starts popping a bit and then gets going..... It is a brand new engine.... less than 15 miles on it. 20kms. i should be using a rich mix for the first 50 miles or so.... shouldnt I? I will run at least a tank through before getting a leaner mix. And also a quick question? how do you balance your rear sprocket. I spun the wheel (chain off) and watched it and tightened until it seemed pretty straight. still not perfect but pretty good. how important is that?

Thanks for all your tips and advice guys I really appreciate it.
also.... how long should i wait before really giving it a strong run and topping it out. I have been pretty gentle on it so far. just over half throttle.
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